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10 Moving Prep Tips to Make Your Relocation Stress-Free

With proper planning and preparation, however, your move doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Follow these 10 key tips to keep your moving services in Melbourne as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Start Organising and Purging Early

Begin tackling the clutter in your home well in advance of moving day – at least 2-3 months ahead if possible. Go through every room, closet and drawer and assess what you actually need and use. Anything you don’t want or need should be donated, sold or trashed. Not only will this decluttering help streamline your packing process, but purging belongings also ensures you don’t waste time and money moving items you don’t need to your new residence.

Create a Master Checklist

Creating a moving master checklist is hugely helpful both physically and mentally. Include everything from “start purging” to “change of address submitted” and break key tasks down step-by-step within each larger moving category. Assign target dates to complete and check off tasks and subsections as you go. This not only ensures critical steps are not missed leading up to the big move, but also provides great satisfaction crossing completed tasks off your list!

Book movers and schedule disconnection/connection services

If hiring professional moving services in Melbourne, reserve them 4-6 weeks in advance of your target moving dates. Confirm the specifics – number of movers, number of hours, equipment needed. Schedule cancellation policies should your plans change last minute. Also call service providers like internet, cable and utility companies ahead of time to disconnect services at your old place, and connect services at your new residence.

Obtain Packing Supplies

Don’t wait until the week before your move to start gathering packing tapes, bubble wraps, newspapers, labels, permanent markers and boxes. Map out a rough estimate of how many boxes and other moving supplies you’ll require and stock up at least one month in advance. Hit up liquor stores for free used boxes and buy bubble wrap and tape in bulk to save costs. Having everything on hand early means one less thing to stress about as moving day inches closer.

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Start Packing Non-Essentials First

Aim to have most of your packing done at least 2 weeks prior to moving services in Melbourne, apart from the essentials you’ll need these final days. Begin packing the items you rarely use first – such as seasonal clothing, decorations, surplus kitchenware, linens, and items in storage. Systematically work your way through rooms until you finish with the essential everyday items a couple days before moving.

Label strategically

Clearly label every box with permanent marker by room and contents. Indicate boxes holding fragile items or those that require special handling. Numbering your boxes is also hugely helpful in keeping an inventory of how many total boxes are being moved. Strategic labeling eliminates potential stress and confusion about where specific items end up in your new place.

Back up digital files and photos

The weeks leading up to moving present the perfect opportunity to clean up your digital life as well. Backup all important computer documents, photos or other media files to external hard drives or cloud storage. Make sure any media items not digitally stored are packed securely to prevent damage. Losing precious photos and files compounds the trauma of moving.

Arrange dependent care if needed

If you have children, pets or elderly family members to care for during packing and moving, make arrangements for them well prior to move-in day. Confirm babysitters or pet lodging early, as good services book up quickly. This one step alleviates the major stressor of attending to dependents’ needs while orchestrating a hectic relocation.

Prepare moving day survival pack

Finally, assemble an essentials “survival” box to keep with you vs. loading on the truck containing must-haves for moving day: toilet paper, soap, towels, a change of clothes, medications, chargers, trash bags, basic tools, snacks, first aid kit, paper plates and cups. Also keep cash, credit cards and ID handy for moving expenses. Having these key items accessible means you can roll with last minute delays or changes in plans.

Final Words

Implementing most of these proactive preparation tips well in advance of moving day will make your relocation smooth, organised and surprisingly stress-free! What may initially seem like an overwhelming process can be systematically tackled with consistent pre-planning and purging. Focus energy early on streamlining, organising and backing up to ultimately save time, money and meltdown moments later when movers arrive! What other preparation tips do you rely on for hassle-free moving services in Melbourne?

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